Retail marketing 2019

11 Jun 2019

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Please note: We will be deciding whether this training goes ahead 3 weeks before the scheduled training date. Trainings require a minimum of 6 attendees. If you plan on attending please book early to ensure the training goes ahead.

Course information: Marketing is an essential element for every pharmacy. Participants will be introduced to marketing and its benefits; and link this to the retail environment in New Zealand.

This course explores how retailers use marketing to communicate with their customers, before moving on to look at different forms of marketing and advertising used by retailers. We will also cover supplier promotions, traditional marketing channels, loyalty programmes and customer communication, and will be relating all this to the in-store environment at your pharmacy.

The afternoon session will cover e-marketing. This be extremely practical designed to enable your e-marketing activity including email marketing, marketing automation and loyalty programmes as well as starting or maximising your website. There will be a focus on social media and how to set up and use to create a new customer communication platform.

Who should attend: Pharmacy owners and retail managers. It is required that attendees have previously attended Customer service and sales 101 or Leadership and management 101.

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11 Jun 2019, 9:00am-4:30pm

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